Orion’s Angel Of Fate

Left in that box, we felt really scared. My brothers and I, sent cries through the air. Then through the rain, our angel arrived. In his loving care, to this day I thrive.

Kitty Therapy Relaxation Station

Soothing your nerves, with cats all around. Their love you you deserve, which comes all abound. They give and they take, such love is a gift. With cuddles at stake, we snuggle in shifts.

Baseball Cat Ups His Game

I’m having a ball, with all of your throws. Except for that one, I caught with my nose. And so I’ll sulk, but just for a sec. Now back to these balls, I’m earning my check.

Speedy Cat’s Fetch Impression

By fetching this toy, day-in and day-out. I’ve learned to enjoy, what fetching’s about. While not quite a pup, I’ll match one in speed. And that’s quite enough, what more could you need?

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