Speedy Cat’s Fetch Impression

By fetching this toy, day-in and day-out. I’ve learned to enjoy, what fetching’s about. While not quite a pup, I’ll match one in speed. And that’s quite enough, what more could you need?

Spy Cat’s Intense Defense

I’m on high alert, in case of attack. I mustn’t revert, to turning my back. Wide eyes and perked ears, will keep away threats. I’m facing my fears, and hedging my bets.

Stoic Cat’s Doggy Drama

It’s quite nice tonight, except for this dog. Who means well despite, attention he hogs. But deep down inside, he just wants to flirt. But should we collide, this hound’s getting hurt.

Wakeup Cat’s Cuddle Clause

Your trusty alarm, when all others failed. By using my charm, is how I prevailed. My cuddle technique, has brightened your day. The food that I seek, is moments away.

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