Maine Coon’s Fetch Quest

With eyes on the prize, I’m having a ball. My canine technique, just says it all. Fetch after fetch, with nary a sound. I learned from the best, with pups all around.

Careless Cat Perturbs Pup

Get your teeth off of my bed, yes that’s what I said. I’m going to sit here, till it sinks in your head.

On second thought, I’m sorry we fought. But I’m staying put, whether you like it or not.

Cole’s Kitten Curiosity

What’s this that I’ve found? An orange ball of fluff. Just strutting around, I’ve seen quite enough. I’m on high-alert, and won’t be misled. And so I’ll exert, this blow to his head.

Just kidding of course, twas’ more of a tap. With zero remorse, I know where he’s at. All signals are clear, this kitten checks out. I’ll hold him quite dear, with all of his clout.

Curious Cat’s Prop Paranoia

It spins really fast, much to my alarm. The wind gusts are fast, but do me no harm. This reach of my paw, comes with great reserve. To reach what I saw, despite all my nerve.

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