Bathtub Cat’s Curiosity

A cat is at ease, playing in the tub. Lest he get sidetracked, inspecting the plug.

Ping Pong Cat Plays The Net

Ping pong is more fun, when playing with three. A game has begun, with you, him and me. Each ball that goes by, makes this cat think twice. Be sure to hit high, or you’ll pay the price.

Playtime Cat’s Box Of Bliss

A cat hunkers down for some peaceful playtime but not before putting the lid on his abode.

Sleepy Cat Tries To Nap

I need a good nap, but try as I might. I just can’t get them to turn off the light.

Persian Cat’s Playtime Pout

With whiskers and fur, in full disarray. My life is a blur, with each passing day. I’m sure you’ll concur, when you see me play. Now pout as you purr, I’ll show you the way.

Cunning Cat Foils Sneak Attack

The tables take an unexpected turn in this animated session of cat hide and seek.

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