Spy Cat’s Intense Defense

I’m on high alert, in case of attack. I mustn’t revert, to turning my back. Wide eyes and perked ears, will keep away threats. I’m facing my fears, and hedging my bets.

Stoic Cat’s Doggy Drama

It’s quite nice tonight, except for this dog. Who means well despite, attention he hogs. But deep down inside, he just wants to flirt. But should we collide, this hound’s getting hurt.

Cool Cat’s Video Indifference

The pressure is on, so I’ll do my best. In this video, to leave you impressed. Now I’ve done my part, we’re finally through. It was a long day, so how did I do?

Confused Cat’s Tongue Trauma

I’m on high alert, if ever a sound. But when danger lurks, my tongue hangs around. This strategy works, in holding my ground. I’ve never been hurt, by even a hound.

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