Confused Cat’s Tongue Trauma

I’m on high alert, if ever a sound. But when danger lurks, my tongue hangs around. This strategy works, in holding my ground. I’ve never been hurt, by even a hound.

Scratch Cat’s Lick Trick

When getting my scratches, no one else matches, but my tricks are second to none.

But with this in mind, I’m sure that you’ll find, my licks are a whole ton of fun.

Shiro Cat’s Bowl Of Bliss

It’s time for a snooze, and lay down my head. And how could I lose? With so many beds. I’ve got breaking news, so don’t be misled. I’ve opted to choose, a small bowl instead.

Misty Cat Goes For The Goal

Just who are these guys? They’re having a ball! But to my surprise, that ball is too small. So hard as I try, I just cannot play. They seem so nearby, yet so far away.

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